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October 21, 2010 Minutes
Oct 21, 2010 - Comsewogue Public Library

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                               Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association

                                                      October 26, 2010


Meeting called to order 7:10 pm.


Pledge of Allegiance


Guest Speakers:  Inspector Oswald, Commanding Officer, Sixth Precinct

COPE Representatives, and Roland Hampson, Asst. to Commissioner, Suffolk County Dept. of Social Services

Commanding Officer Oswald discussed the homeless problem in our area, especially by the LIRR Station which is a common hangout for these people.


Roland Hampson, Asst. to Commissioner Gregg Blass, Dept. of Social Services

Spoke about our needing more outreach – Two organizations try to assist.  Federation of Organizations and Hope House Ministries, Project Hope – Helps street homeless.

And provide Social Work for the homeless.  But you can’t force them to take social services.  Illegals do not get services.  Homelessness has been increasing because of the economy and it’s it a real concern.  A discussion ensued about this problem with the  civic members.  You can call the Social Services Hotlline between 8 am and 4:30 pm at 854-9983 to report a problem.

Sump Problems, Abandoned Houses and foreclosures also discussed.  Some of them need to be cleaned up because some homeless sometime stay there.

A Trespassing Affidavit is required to be on file to do something about these problems.


Traffic Safety - Frank Gibbons


Discussed was the traffic problem at Norwood Avenue and Terryville Roads.  Tony Rotoli said that many people make illegal turns there and there have been several accidents at this intersection.  Something needs to be done about it. 


Minutes of September 28, 2010 read by Tema Brodsky and approved by Frank Gibbons.  Seconded by Frank Petruzzo.


Treasurer’s Report – Lou Antoniello


We have $2,432.12 in the treasury.  Money added to this amount brought it to $2,502.12.

There is $37.08 from an outstanding check.  $33.77 check was given to Laurie Green for expenditures.  Motion made to accept report b y Frank Gibbons and seconded by Rich Meyers.






Open Space – Lou Antoniello


Purchases have been made of open space in the Terryville Greenbelt.  There is Gentlemen’s Horse Riding Track and the town has purchased this land.  There used to be a riding horse named Echo and our town used to be called Echo before it became Terryville and then became Port Jefferson Station.


Beautification Committee – Joan Nickeson


It was suggested that flowers be planted on Terryville and Norwood.  But this is not possible now because of the changes in the roads in the near future.   




Richard Smith – Buttercup Farm and Dairy - Cell Phone contract with T-Mobile terminated.


Special  Olympics-Polar Bear Club at Cedar Beach on November 20th.  (See website)

Discussion:  Put in a place a cell tower law as the one in the Town of Hempstead.  Tony Rotolo suggested to send a letter to the Town Law Department about this.


Water Tower by JFK Middle School 


A private tester will test the EMR levels for our community.  This should be done during the school day to get a proper reading.


By-Law Revisions/Amendments


Christena Mena read the changes to the By-Laws.  Decision made to change member in good standing attendance paragraph from 4 meeting to 3 meetings. 


Tabled Item B until next civic meeting.  This will be presented at the November meeting.

Rich Myers made a motion to approve amendments as read.  Seconded by Tony Rotolo.


New Business 


Frank Gibbons discussed and explained the new voting procedures for Election Day.


Tema – Motion to adjourn..  Seconded by Tony Rotolo.


Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.


PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776