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November 25, 2010 Minutes
Nov 25, 2010 - Comsewogue Public Library

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                               Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association


                                                  November 23, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm


Pledge of Allegiance


Tema Brodsky – Reading of  October 2010 Minutes.  Approved by Frank Gibbons.                           

                            Seconded by Frank Petruzzo.


Lou Antoniello – Treasurer’s Report -  We have $2,412.83 in the treasury.  Check for    

                             $37.08 still outstanding.  We will issue a new check to Donna  

                             Velasquez for this amount.  Gave Laurie Green check for $40.32

                             for postage.   Frank Petruzzo made a motion to approve the treasurer’s

                             report .  Seconded by Tony Rotoli.


Open Space -  Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld  is still negotiating for more open space purchases

                        around the high school.  Still negotiating the Gentlemen’s Horsetrack 

                        with the Town.


Union Hall -  The restorative work and handicapped access on the Union Hall has been

                       completed.  It now has a wheel chair ramp as per code with the American   

                       for Disabilities Act.  Ultimately, the hall will house the Cumsewogue

                       Historical Society where they will hold their meetings and use as a

                       museum for pictures and artifacts about the Hamlet.


Traffic and Transportation:  Terryville/Nesconset Highway red light cameras to be  

                       Reviewed by Steve Levy’s Office.  Vivian-Viloria Fisher said that the

                       quota of red light cameras has already been fulfilled.



Hess Station:  Board of Appeals meeting has been scheduled for January 26, 2011.

                        according to President Rich Ciotta of the Sterling Woods

                        Homeowner’s Association.


Joan Nickeson  -  Beautification:  Nothing new to report.  Will work on beautification

                             with any new projects that arise in the area.


Membership - Tema Brodsky and Ed Garboski – We would like local business to pay for                            

                                ads to be put on our web site.  We will work with Adam, our web-site 

                                host with these ads.


Housing – Pam Kissane – Pam gave out forms for illegal houses for anyone interested in

                                filling these out for illegal homes in their area.


We have to tell realtors the positive aspects of living in Port Jefferson Station/Terryville and try to help them sell the houses in our community.


Correspondence:  The Town of Brookhaven Senior Citizen Division has requested that

The civic inform the community about a program that is available to all Town residents age 60 years or older who own their own homes or condo or rent an apartment that they provide minor home repair services for seniors.  This program is funded through the Suffolk County Office of the Aging, the US Health Dept. of Health and Human Services through the NYS Office of the Aging.  It provides household assistance with repairs for seniors who are not able to perform repairs themselves.  To apply, please call the Town of Brookhaven Contact Center between 9 am and 4:30 pm at 451-town (451-8696)


The Stony Brook Medical Center sent a thank you for the efforts taken by two of our civic members Joan Nickeson and Tema Brodsky on behalf of the Port Jeff. Sta/Terryville Civic Association for providing a donation to the annual fall fashion festival that raised approximately $20,000.  This event benefits cancer patients at the Stony Brook University Medical Center.


Amendments to the By-Laws:  Motion to approve the by-laws by Tony Rotoli and seconded by Frank Gibbons.


New Business :  Mary Ann Garvin, CDC and Woodcrest Apartments


They provide counseling and education to people who want to buy their first home.  They have grant programs available and you can visit their website and learn more at:

cdcli.org or info@cdc.org.


A discussion took place about Woodcrest people wanting to add a second phase to their complex with 106 more units to be located on their property.  They would consist of two-story elevated two-bedroom apts.  We have to find out if there are any covenants on their property before we give them our approval.


Frank Petruzzo brought up the impact on the fire district for these new apartments since the fire department makes many calls to the existing Woodcrest complex.


Jim Tsunis – Ramp Chevy Property – 112 Corridor


He is proposing to build a 96 Condominium Complex on the old Ramp Chevrolet Corvette Dealership.  They will be rentals for young people who cannot afford to buy houses.  They will be one and two bedroom apartments renting for approximately $1200-1500 a month.  We asked what the impact on the school district will be and if there were any buffers.  We said that we will support his project and Jim Tsunis will write a letter and send copy to Laurie Green.


Taco Bell renovation – Keith Brown - They are proposing the redevelopment of the Taco Bell on Nesconset Highway.

Property with a new building and new landscaping.  They brought a picture of their proposed new Taco Bell Building but it was not acceptable to the civic association.  They will come back in December with a new rendering for us to look at.  We agreed to send a letter of support from the civic association to propose a rezoning from J-5 to J-2. 

Motion made by Tema Brodsky to give a letter of support for the Taco Bell.  Seconded by Joan Nickeson.


Motion made to adjourn meeting at 9:20 pm.  Seconded by Tema Brodsky.















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