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December 28, 2010 Minutes
Dec 28, 2010 -

 Port Jefferson Station/Terryville

Civic Association Minutes

December 28, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: 11/23/2010 Read by Tema Brodsky. Approved by Joan Nickeson and seconded by Kitty Schultz.

Treasurer’s Report: Lou Antoniello

We have $2,342.07 in the treasury. Approximately $90 of this amount will go for a Post Office Box. Tema Brodsky made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. Seconded by Charles McAteer.

Open Space and Parks Committee: Lou Antoniello. All is quiet on open space. More open space purchases will be made in 2011.

The park at the Pathmark Shopping Center is still in limbo. We think there is an agenda there by their lawyer Mr. Archer. Every time we give them a new contract agreement, he makes changes. We will invite these people back to a meeting again to see why this is happening.

We are in the process of re-designing our web-site. We want to sell advertising to local businesses to use this money for scholarships, etc. We would also like a brochure to advertise Port Jefferson Station in a great light and a great place to live.

Jack Smith: Cumsewogue Historical Society

The Cumsewogue Historical Society has been in existence for two years. Union Hall is being refurbished. Ramp for handicapped access is done and walls, ceiling, roof are being repaired. It is being restored to its original condition as much as possible. Hopefully by the spring the historical society will be able to hold its meetings there. The society also wants to use the Union Hall as a museum but must meet certain specifications to do this. They hosted their first Heritage Day in June at The Boyle road School. Dr. Rella gave the historical society banners from 8th grade classes between the years 1927 and the 1950’s.

The Cumsewogue Historical Society needs members. Try to join this great organization for only $10 a year. The next meeting is on January 19th at 7:30 pm at the Comsewogue Public Library.

Joan Nickeson – Beautification: Joan wrote a letter of appreciation to Uncle Giusseppes and is proposing to give them 6x8” plaque for the interior of their store for $18.00. Joan made a motion to give Uncle Giusseppes a plaque. Vote taken and all in favor of purchasing the plaque.

Correspondence: Dr. La Bianca, local author: He is asking the library to set aside a place in it for local authors.

Old Business

Woodcrest Property - We still need to know if there are any covenants on this property. The Planning Department responded to us saying that it was not definitive. Some of our members said that there were covenants on this property when they wanted to expand years ago. We are sending a letter with a check for $10 to The Suffolk County Clerk’s Office for find out if definitively if there are covenants on this property.

New Business

McDonald’s restaurant on Route 347. They are going to refurbish this restaurant which has not been upgraded since 1984. They brought pictures of the new design. We would like it to look like the restaurants in Port Jefferson and Mattituck if possible.

Taco Bell – The representatives of Taco Bell brought back new pictures of their changes to the Taco Bell. The colors on the building were made more muted. Both the McDonald’s and Taco Bell reps. will come back in January with new information on the revised design plans we asked of them.

Dave Madden – JFK Water Tower


JFK received a report about the radio frequencies on the water tower radio on their property. The readings were in accordance with the FCC guidelines. Mr. Madden felt that the readings were too low. Private readings by a member of our civic association were found to also be within FCC guidelines.

Jim Tsunis: Ramp Chevy Property, Route 112

He met with the Town of Brookhaven about the Ramp Chevy Property on Route 112. Jim asked us for a letter of acknowledgement that he was here at our meeting for his proposed development of this property. His is the first “Blight to Light” property proposal.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Tema Brodsky. Seconded by Dave Madden.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.





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