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January 25, 2011 Minutes
Jan 25, 2011 -

 Port Jefferson Station-Terryville

Civic Association Minutes

January 25, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes of December 28, 2010 by Tema Brodsky. Motion to approve minutes by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Jack Grob. Minutes approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Antoniello

We have $2,302.69 in the treasury. After reimbursing Laurie Green for mailings

We have $2,265.04 in the treasury. This is an estimate because we have not received the January statement as of 1/25/11.

Committee Reports

Open Space and Parks Committee – Lou Antoniello - There was a new agreement written up by Mr. Keith Archer about the park by Pathmark. There were some parking issues but Mr. Lerner agreed to these issues. The Town is looking at the new agreement. Once the wording is approved by the Town, we could use the park property. However, no money has been allocated in this year’s budget for our park.

Beautification – Joan Nickeson: Nothing new to report about beautification at this time. She just mentioned that cut down Christmas Trees were left in the old Lincoln-/Mercury parking lot for some time. This trash has not been cleared and looks disgusting. The owner of this property is responsible for this property. He has been notified to clean it up or be fined.

Traffic and Transportation: Frank Gibbons: As of December 31, red light cameras have been installed at 50 intersections in Suffolk County. So make sure you abide by these lights if you don’t want to get a ticket.

Membership/Fundraising: Tema Brodsky and Ed Garboski: Nothing to report as of today.

Old Business

Hess Corporation Gas Station: A letter from the Hess Corporation has been listed on our website. This matter will be heard before the Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 2:00 pm with the public portion beginning at that time. Richard Ciotta, President of Sterling Woods Association will testify on their behalf. Frank Gibbons will be there to represent our civic association.

Greenway Trail – Charles McAteer and Kara Hahn: Update on progress. The first phase of the Greenway Trail has been completed. Special signal devices have been put in place for this trail. The trail is approximately 1 ½ miles long so far. It will be approximately

4 ½ miles long when completed. The path is 13 ft. wide. Five million dollars in funding was given Tim Bishop for this project. It was also funded by Steve Engelbright. Eventually, they will also build ball fields there and will have an open hearing for these fields. There has been a lot of community participation by the community on this trail. Hopefully, phase two will begin in 2012 and be completed by 2013.

Brochures were given out by Mr. McAteer and Ms. Hahn.showing the Greenway Trail.

Taco Bell Update and Vote: Keith Brown and Eric Meyn, Bohler Engineers for Taco Bell gave out pictures of the new proposed Taco Bell Restaurant. Their plans have been submitted to the Town of Brookhaven. The new picture was much better than the first one presented. Tema Brodsky made a motion to approve the Taco Bell. It was seconded by Charles McAteer. Motion approved unanimously.

McDonald’s Restaurant: Eric Meyn: He has had no response from the owner of the McDonald’s as to our request for certain changes to the original plan submitted to us. The new photo that they brought was not acceptable to our civic. They will let us know if they will make any changes as we requested at a future civic meeting.

Jim Tsunis’ General Contractor brought pictures of the kind of lights he plans to use on his proposed apartment project on Route 112. The lights were beautiful and the civic liked them very much.

New Business

Laurie Green mentioned that someone from the community e-mailed her with regard the Tilapia Fish Farm by the old Lawrence Aviation Property. The person proposing this project intends to hold a meeting with a film about fish farming. Members of the Civic should plan on attending if and when this meeting is scheduled.

Tony Rottoli: He brought up the fact that we need to have a town law governing cell tower placement in communities. Discussion ensued about this. We will form a committee to look into these issues.

Dave Madden: He said that we should invite local realtors to our civic meeting to bring us up-to-date on what is going on in the real estate in our community. Many in the audience agreed with this suggestion.

Kara Hahn: She suggested that we have a joint meeting with the Setaukets Civic Association and invite Mark Lesko or his representative and Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld to attend and discuss our community issues. Perhaps on the first Monday of the month.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 pm made by Tema Brodsky. Seconded by Lou Antoniello.

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Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776