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February 22, 2011 Minutes
Feb 22, 2011 -

Port Jefferson Station and Terryville Civic Association

Meeting of February 22, 2011

7:10 call to order

Reading of minutes by Joan Nickeson

Motion to approve them by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Fran Navaretta

Treasurer’s report was given by Lou Antoniello- the balance was 2,237.96, a check was written for a plaque for Uncle Guisseppi’s and the new total is 2,209.55. The motion to approve was made by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Jack Grob.
Lou reported that the new park space near Pathmark was ‘ours’ to use. He suggested it is in everyone’s best interest to show usage of this space- a total of 4.5 acres.

Joan Nickeson reported that the committee will be working with students in the community who need service vouchers or credit hours, for school or religious commitment requirements. As a short term goal, she will be working with a local parent to designate ten spots around the hamlet that need cleaning up, in addition to reaching out to the Historical Society to allow students to participate in their yearly plantings and watering schedule in the Historic District on Terryville Road. All interested community members and their families are welcome to participate.

In Frank Gibbons absence, Tony Rotolli advised us that NYS had met their promise to install a left turn arrow on southbound Terryville Road, for drivers heading east on Rte 347.

Ed Garboski said that we gained one new member and hoped that members will encourage their friends and neighbors to do the same.

Laurie Green read a letter from Centro Properties about their intention to renovate the empty piano store in the Home Goods Shopping Center on Rte 347. They expect to split the interior to make a burger restaurant on one side and a tropical smoothie café on the other. Laurie is compiling a list of concerns from the association to forward to Centro Properties.

Jim Tsunis met with Sterling Woods and the Civic has written a letter of affirmation on Feb 18th in support of the Tsunis housing venture. He is expected to attend our March meeting.

Hess Corp- Richard Ciotta of Sterling Woods attended the zoning board meeting at the TOB, and reported that the meeting was closed without a final decision, but his feeling was that the representatives did a good job of handling inquiries from the board and that it will pass- Still, there appeared to be internal questions between Zoning Board and Planning, as to which is responsible for approving signs for Hess.

Dr Rella addressed the association regarding the highlights of the new budget and encouraged all residents to weigh in at upcoming budget workshops. Since the budget is still a work in progress and will be set below the level of a contingency budget, there will be no public vote on it. Any suggestions must be made during the workshops or by contacting Dr. Rella.

Dr.Timo, the Associate Director of Family Residences explained his interest in purchasing a home at 226 Terryville Road. This location, hopefully, will be the ‘lifelong’ home of six developmentally disabled adults. Dr. Timo has gone door to door to contact neighbors and found mostly positive responses to his proposed purchase. An immediate neighbor of the home in question, is happy to have Dr. Timo’s residents as a neighbor and without exception, a motion was made to vote on writing a letter of affirmation to Dr. Timo on this sale.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.


PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776