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May 24, 2011 Minutes
May 24, 2011 -

Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association
Minutes-May 24, 2011


Meeting commenced with 6th Precinct Commander Oswald and Officer Monfiletto addressing the association.   Topics covered were *student drivers, *drugs, *registered sex offenders, *public safety and noise control, * gang activity and the *silver alert ID program.  Several websites and phone numbers were given and are to be posted to our website.
April’s minutes were read by Laurie Green in absence of Tema Brodsky.  Minutes recorded by Joan Nickeson.      Ed wendol made motion to accept, seconded by Fran Navaretta.
· Treasurer’s report made by Lou Antonielo- with incoming dues we now have $2, 229.23
· Beautification Committee report made by Joan Nickeson- The work completed by Maria Periera and her crew, at Norwood Ave at Jefferson Ave, was highlighted by Laurie Green.  Also noted : work completed by Joan Nickeson and crew at the Union Hall and along Terryville Road’s south end and Old Town Road.  Upcoming is the Brookhaven June 4th Plant in Day, for which the Beautification Committee is registered through Joan and additionally by Maria.  Maria is interested in getting portable signs to highlight work that she has completed.  She has secured funds for these already. 
It was suggested by developer Jim Tsunis that a ‘Welcome’ sign for the corner of Old Town Road and Rte 347 should be decided on soon.  Jim has agreed to pay for same and the landscaping for the corner, and to work with the Beautification Committee.  Joan Nickeson is securing (has secured) design options and pricing from Letter Perfect Graphics, who created the historic Terryville signs for the Town.
Discussion ensued about the lack of notice from the Planning Dept., on applications that affect our hamlet.  It is hoped that a joint effort be made by all local civic associations to address the problem.  Jocelyn Rush of councilman Fiore-Rosenfeld’s office said that she is now getting a weekly updated list from the planning board and may get a ‘heads up’ on issues that are important to our association-which is currently being managed by Tulio Bertolli-the planning commissioner and the current president of the planning board. The timing of notice is still grossly inadequate for civic action. 
Laurie Green is hoping to have a meeting with Bertolli, along with Maryann Johnston of ABCO –Joan Nickeson has volunteered to attend with her.  Details will be forthcoming.  Laurie also reiterated the need for all association members to participate in the causes that arise with the town and the association. 
Jim Tsunis said that while Jefferson Meadows is still a ‘possible’ project, he did get our attention, with his decision to pay for more than 40k dollars in street lights along the rte 112 ‘Blight to Light’ corridor.  He asked that when his Special Use hearing arises, the civic association write a letter on his behalf.
The county clerk has offered our association a lecture on bringing civil actions, to take place in the future.
Ed wendol made motion to  vote on a donation for a veterans of Foreign Wars at the 9/11 Memorial at the Diamond in the Pines.  Motion seconded by Lou Antonielo.  $125 was approved for this.
Meeting Adjourned 9:15 pm

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776