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November 22, 2011 Minutes
Nov 22, 2011 -

Port Jefferson Station/Terryville
Civic Association Minutes
November 22, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.

Salute to Flag

Minutes, September 27, 2011, read by Tema Brodsky. Approved by Tony Rotoli and seconded by Charlie McAteer.

Wings Over Haiti School - Mrs Melissa McMullan, a sixth-grade teacher at JFK Middle School

head of the school.

Several students from JFK Middle school spoke about the Wings Over Haiti Project which has been ongoing at our middle school. Each one spoke about what being in this organization meant to them. Her students in both countries work interactively as part of the school’s mission to build learning partnerships.

Treasurer’s Report: Lou Antoniello

As of October 31 we had $2,398.21. After disbursing $26.52 for Laurie Green for postage we had $2,371.69. Three new members were added and brought our total to $2,401.69.

After hearing the presentation from Wings Over Haiti, Lou asked the membership to donate $100 to them. Approved by Ed Wendol and seconded by Tony Rotoli. This made the total in our treasury $2,301.69.

Port Jefferson Village Mayor Margot Garant - Upper Port Jefferson Development Plan

A discussion ensued about the proposed development of upper Port Jefferson. The Civic wants the mayor to communicate with us before they develop this area since the Port Jefferson Station schools will be impacted by this redevelopment.

Traffic and Safety: Frank Gibbons

The Route 112 Project is completed. The DOT is now working on Route 347 near Route 111.

The intersection of Terryville Road and Norwood Avenue was brought up by a member. It was agreed that the way this intersection is set up is hazardous and needs improvement as soon as possible.

Announcements: Town of Brookhaven Highway Department informed members of the Beautification Committee that the community garden on Woodhull and Howard must be removed in order to comply with NYS guidelines Town of Brookhaven Highway regulations. The Highway Department will work with us in the Spring to replace the plantings and asssist us in getting perennial donations from the Holtsville Ecology Center. A black fence will also be installed and set back to give us more space for the garden.

Old Business

The Hess Project has been approved and removed from the Decision Calendar at the Town. Jefferson meadows Project remains on the Decision Calendar and is unresolved.

You can contact Kim at the Planning Board for updates at 451-6421.

Beautification Committee: Joan Nickeson

The trees by the Auto Zone property need to be replaced. Timothy Shea has been contacted about this.

New Business

Attorney Timothy Shea will be at our December 27th meeting to present a proposal by the Jeep dealership that entails enlarging the building, adding new pavement and drainage in the north car storage area as well as adding vegetation.

Mr. Shea will also be discussing the Burger King who has expressed an interest in renting space from Ramp Ford.

Motion made by Lou Antoniello and seconded by Virginia Gibbons to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 pm.

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776