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December 27, 2011 Minutes
Dec 27, 2011 -

Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association


December 27, 2011

 (Presenting at this meeting: Peter Rhein, Owner PJ Chrysler Jeep Inc. with Atty Tim Shea, also representing a proposal for Burger King, Caroline Garboski on Anti Bullying in Comsewogue, Jim Tsunis)

November’s minutes were read by Joan Nickeson and accepted by Tony Rotoli, seconded by Frank Gibbons.

Laurie asked members to consider signing a petition to get a crossing guard at the JFK Middle School.  The petition would go to Suffolk Co.

Membership-  Ed Garboski reported 31 new members since September

Beautification- It was noted that the walkway and plantings on Woodhull Ave., will be mediated in the Spring by the DOT?

The flag pole garden in front of the JFK Middle School was cleaned and prepared for winter; looking forward to Spring planting with the help of the TOB plants. 

Concern was raised about the sad condition of the property between the ELKS Lodge and the Meadow Club on Rte 112.  It was noted that the stretch of Rte 112 where this property lies will hopefully be deemed ‘historical’ by the TOB due to as many as 11 homes and business structures, nearly 100 years old.

Mention was made about the trees that need re planting behind AutoZone.  Tim Shea has reached out to his client and will continue to do so.  Hopefully replanting will take place in spring.

Traffic- Frank Gibbons discussed concerns for the Rte 347-Norwood Avenue-Terryville Road intersection and wants to have installed,  a light on the North side of the intersection at Norwood, AND a cross hatch box painted in the intersection.  Part of the intersection belongs to DOT, and some to TOB.  Frank will meet with Steve Fiore Rosenfeld sometime between Jan 1st and March 1st.

Treasury -  The new balance is $2,381.13.  Lou Antoniello invited members to review his ledgers and procedures.  The Budget was accepted by Tony Rotoli and seconded by Frank Gibbons.

 Presentation- was made by Caroline Garboski, who was attended by her LEAD teacher, Ms. Fasano, Superintendent Rella,  and H.S. Principal, Joe Coniglioni.  Ms Fasano’s program has brought students together and Caroline has made efforts toward instituting anti bullying efforts at all schools.  There are 75 h.s. students, ‘trying to get the message across that NO ONE IS ALONE, ‘ stated Caroline. 

Dr. Rella announced an introductory budget meeting on Jan 25th at the H.S. auditorium, and gave him ph number, 474-8105.

New- Tim Shea gave a presentation on PJ Chrysler Jeep site improvement of 11,000 sq ft.  Request was made for ‘carriage style doors’ on the bays, which face Rte 347, and a sample of the construction panels before the association vote.

Burger King wants to build their fast food restaurant on the current site of Ramp Trucks building site on Rte 347.  There were numerous concerns voiced including policy, handicap parking spot locations and the ingress.  Both PJ Chrysler Jeep and Burger King will re-present in January.

Jim Tsunis –Jefferson Meadows development plan was approved by the TOB Planning Board.   The final site plan approval will be in six to nine months.

Laurie Green placed a phone call to the board Thursday, December 22nd inquiring about the decision, and had not heard from the board to present.  She has also requested the notes of the planning board that approved the proposed plan.

Note that the PJ Sta-Tville Civic association approved the proposal; subsequently many residents rejected the plan, personally, and urged the TOB to do likewise.

Laurie read from a recent article in the Port Times Record that Port Village intends to utilize County Community Development Funds to secure the use of Lindy Taxi drivers to transport homeless individuals from within the Village borders, to several soup kitchens in Port Jefferson Station.   A letter is being sent to Kara Hahn, our County Legislator.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm


PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776