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January 24, 2012 Minutes
Apr 6, 1200 -

Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association


January 24, 2012

·         Meeting was called to order at 7:15PM by Vice President Laurie Green, acting president.

·         Pledge of Allegiance

·         No minutes of December’s were read

·         No Treasurer’s report read Laurie Green introduced the following guests:

·         Representative from Councilman Steven Fiore-Rosenfeld’s Office

·         Representative from Assemblyman Steve Englebrights office

·         Jeff Kito of John LaValles Office

·         Mayor Garant of Port Jefferson Village

PAX CHRISTIE/HOMELESS ISSUE - Dr. E. Hernandez, Deputy Commissioner of Suffolk County Social Services, was introduced and spoke about what measures his office can take to assist the community with their concerns of Pax Christie. The community is concerned with those homeless that are turned away, the effects of community services being taken away from the residents (SCPD, Ambulance, and Fire Dept.)  There was worry about the Jefferson Plaza Shopping Center and the incidents with homeless accosting shoppers/fighting/public drunkenness. Also brought up was the “hangouts” of the homeless such as the 7-11 at Old Town Road, the woods by JFK Middle School and the old Arby’s parking lot. Residents want to know what the obligation is to them to feel safe/protected in their own community.

There was a suggestion by Marge McQuinn to utilize vacant state properties (i.e. the old Kings Park or Pilgrim State properties) to house homeless in one area rather than in neighborhoods throughout area. The president of the Welcome Inn spoke that her staff has hand delivered to homes and business near St. Paul’s that they stand behind the community concerning criminal activity and that the soup kitchen has resorted to hiring security personnel.

Audience member requested discussion move on to the Burger King issue

BURGER KING - Timothy Shea, attorney for Burger Brothers was introduced and presented new renderings of the proposed Burger King to be built at Ramp Ford property on Rte. 347. Mr. Shea spoke about the addition of jobs to the area (25 permanent) and short term construction jobs. When asked about the 24 hour operation, Mr. Shea and Representative from  Burger Brothers, both said that it was not the intent to have a 24 hour operation, but wanted the option.  The Burger King operation requires a rezoning from a J-2 to a J-5 food service zone.  Per Applications have already been filed for changes. Residents directly affected by the building of Burger King questioned the guaranteed 50’ covenant they had with Ramp Ford, the noise issue, becoming a hang-out, lighting, traffic issues on School Drive behind the property, housing values, and why this location when there are so many empty stores/lots available. 

Laurie Green suggests residents/CA members write letters to Brookhaven Town Board, all elected officials, Town Clerk’s office on Burger King issue regarding housing values, noise, loitering, lights; be ready to speak up if Burger King is approved.

AUTO ZONE - It was brought up about Auto Zone, which would be next door to the Burger King was approved without any notice to the Civic Association. Residents of the area complained about the lighting shining directly into their yards, and there are no customers.

EAGER BEAVER CAR WASH - Also brought up was the noise issue of Eager Beaver Car Wash, PA system can be heard on School Drive; Mr. Shea said he will speak with them regarding this issue.

PORT JEFF CHRYSLER – Mr. Shea brought up a proposal to extend existing building 11,000 SF. The additional building would cost $1.8M, bring in local construction jobs, 15 new permanent employees and more taxes of $30K.

Residents brought up the fact that the cars were still being parked on the grass, it has been requested that PJ Chrysler not do this and it has never been rectified. Mr. Shea said he will speak with PJ Chrysler again on this issue. Also, he noted that Avis will be moving from this site.

After a brief discussion proposal was approved by the Civic Association with a motion by Frank Gibbons, seconded by Tony Rotelli.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – explanation was given on the function of the nominating committee by Ed Garboski. It was suggested e-mails of nominating committee be posted on website. February meeting the by-laws for nominations will be read and the nominees will be announced. Elections will be held at the March meeting and those voted in will take office April 1, 2012. Laurie Green explained you must be a member in good standing and have attended 3 meetings in order to vote at the meetings.

JEFFERSON MEADOWS – was approved even with overwhelming opposition by the community. Laurie Gree read letter she intends to submit to the Brookhaven Town Planning Board questioning scorecard and how it is determined. Audience asked if County could help, who is Owner; suggested letters to The Patch and The Record, Civic Association to write letter to all Boards and Mark Lesko. Discussion to be continued.

·         Next Meeting – February 28, 2012 at Comsewogue Library 7:00PM. Meetings are held 4th Tuesday of each Month. It was suggested that Civic Association use “free” community events postings (i.e. Newsday, Pennysaver, etc.) Laurie Green asked Janice Monaco to help with this and it was agreed.


·         Meeting Officially adjourned at 9:50PM

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776