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February 28, 2012 Minutes
Apr 6, 5200 -



Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association

February 28, 2012


Meeting was called to order at 7:10PM by Vice President Laurie Green, acting president.

· Pledge of Allegiance

· No minutes of December 2011/January 2012 were read

· No Treasurer’s report read

· Laurie Green introduced the following guests:






Wasn’t this already a commercial property when these homes were built? No commercial was there until after neighborhood moved in, Ramp Ford was built.


Lighting issues? Lighting would be intensified

Does the neighborhood have a plan for this property in place of the proposed Burger King? Suggestions were made that something more unpleasant may be built in this site (i.e. “Hooters Restaurant”) Audience member answered stating that this would be a violation of SEQRA; suggested community ask the Town Board to leave property and zoning intact.

How many signatures are required for a petition? There is no set number, but there is a petition going around; the neighborhood would like to get as many as possible. Audience member stated that everyone should this petition. Mrs. Hartnagel asked for help from and signatures on the petition from the community.

Does Burger Brothers own the Shirley Burger King in the shopping center? Mr. Shea said he did not think they owned this property.

Did Burger Brothers own the Rocky Point Burger King which was razed? Mr. Shea said no, they did not own this property.


What makes this property more viable than the Rocky Point site? Mr. Shea spoke briefly on the traffic on Route 347 now and in the future, he said a traffic consultant would be presenting his findings immediately following his address of the audience.

Is there a precedent for the height of the berm? Not known, but again Mr. Shea stated said if the planning board would entertain the higher berm suggestion his client may entertain the same.

Is a variance required? Yes. The variances increases 25’ off Rte. 112, others will be decreased right now the site is 25’ from residents. Will also need variance for crown form 35’ to 42.6’


Will there be dividers between the two properties? Yes, eliminating dividers and creating queuing mechanisms along with connecting Rte. 112 sidewalks to Port Plaza buildings, there will be cross access.

What of the property in the back of the building? This is residential; there will be dark sky lighting and an increased buffer between the residential area and the site. The light spillage will be nil. Uncle G’s parking lot lighting meets dark sky requirements; hi-pressure sodium is used. There was a discussion on the use of antique lighting to conform to the look down Rte. 112, is this feasible with LA Fitness? This will be presented to the corporation.

Did the state approve the traffic light? Yes, as the site meets the criteria for a traffic light. The traffic light will also help in the entering and exiting form the catering hall.

Change of zoning? None is involved

What are the hours? Typically 24 hour operation in order to maintain competition w/ their peers, but this will depend on the demand of the community.

Will LA Fitness work with the community for discounts for high school students? Mr. Hague could not speak for the client on this, but will bring it to them.

Any provisions for buses in order to not have massive amount of traffic? None at this time, the gym heaviest traffic is usually early am/late pm.

It was noted that the minutes for the past two months had not been read, but are posted on the website. All minutes will be read next month.

Nominations for 2012-2014 were then discussed for President, Vice President, Correspondence Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer. It was noted there were no e-mails received for nominations, therefore present officers are nominated as follows

President - Ed Garboski
Vice President – Laurie Green
Correspondence Secretary – Laurie Green
Recording Secretary – Joan Nickeson (nomination made from floor)
Treasurer – Lou Antoniello


Idea to go paperless was brought up, sending postcard only to those without computer. There are 93 agenda cards sent monthly with a cost of $60/month. Solution of one agenda card for the fridge, listing dates sent yearly in lieu of monthly.

Ms. Maryanne Johnson, ABCO President, said they meet the 3rd Monday of each month at Longwood Library 7:30PM. She invited everyone to attend.

Next month Dr. Rella will speak on the proposed school budget

Facebook was discussed as a means of contacting the Civic Association, please use Facebook if you would like to suggest a discussion at a meeting.

Next Meeting – March 27, 2012 at Comsewogue Library 7:00PM. Meetings are held 4th Tuesday of each Month.

Meeting Officially adjourned at 9:10PM



PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776