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May 29, 2012
May 29, 2012 -

                                                           Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association



May 29, 2012


Meeting was called to order at 7:10PM by President Ed Garboski.

·          Pledge of Allegiance

·          Minutes of April 24, 2012 were read

·          Executive Meeting minutes April 2012 were read

·          Treasurer’s Report read

·          Laurie Green introduced the following guests:

Office Cope of  SCPD C.O.P.E.–Discussion of the house at 512 Jayne Blvd.; eleven people were hospitalized from carbon dioxide poisoning; Officer Cope says this is a Town issue, house has been condemned.

Laurie Green discussed the homeless situation, citing that there have been a few arrests; COPE can offer to bring to shelter but cannot make them go.

Audience questions:

·         Why are there so many pedophiles? Officer Cope noted that is just seems more noticeable because we are receiving mailings; there is not a disproportionate amount in our area compared to other areas; they usually go back to where they are from.

·         Port Plaza – there are a lot of needles being found, have the police been asked to go into the parking lot? Officers ride through the lot; a lot of arrests are made in pharmacy parking lots.

·         Bus stop seems to be a sleeping spot during the day for homeless. Officers target area – 7-Eleven, bus stop, parking lots, RR station; hasn’t seen an increase in activity since last year; there are a lot of transients due to Pax Christi

·         Body found in woods across from library, naked man by Clinton Ave.  – Officer has not heard anything on these  matters

·         Officer brought up that there were 4 arrests for burglaries in the Old Town/Sheep Pasture Road area; businesses were robbed in the Bicycle Path area, some arrests made and the robberies stopped.

·         Reports of gang activity, complaint made 2 months ago that there MS-13 gang members living in house in area: Officer reported that yes we have gang activity; biggest gang in area is Latin Kings they tend to be prevalent at train station; has heard rumors the Bloods are in the area also.

·         Drug activity in neighborhoods?  Drug Houses in every community of the 6th precinct, mostly drug dealers to support habit; kids selling to get heroin; Officer asked for addresses of concern and he will check them out

·         Concern of fast traffic through neighborhoods, especially in the late afternoon. This has been a known house, public doesn’t know if cops are in area because they cruise by in unmarked cars more than marked cars -  the officer will sit at Clematis Rd to observe traffic and ticket speeding drivers.

·         Kara Hahn spoke about prescription drug epidemic; detectives have said medicine cabinets are the entryway for kids to start on drugs. Operation Medicine Cabinet is an effort for all citizens to bring unused, expired drugs to get them out of the house. She wrote legislature for police cars to carry Nar-Con the antidote to narcotics overdose.

Ø  Ed Garboski about Laurie Green and thanked her for her compassion and working for the greater good of the community, as a token of the CA appreciation she was presented with a plaque



Michelle DeBrita of Brookhaven Town Waste Management spoke on the new rules and regulations for recycling: April 2013 all leaves and loose brush must be collected in a paper bag, no longer accepting plastic. It is a particular paper bag that can be purchased at home center stores. In the long run this will save Town money and help the environment. Separating recyclables soon to be in the horizon, looking to move to a single stream – put paper, bottles and cans out on the same day. This will be separated at the station. Everything will go in the curby, or use any can. (stickers for cans are available form the Town for regular garbage can to designate as a recyclable can). Also recycling for 1 to 7 will be expanded.

Audience questions:

·         Will Town provide bags? No, they will have to be purchased from stores

·         If paper bags get wet and break who is responsible for cleanup? The Town will clean this up

·         Wouldn’t having recycling stations encourage more people to recycle? No, this was not discussed as the Town would have to rent roll-offs and if they overflowed the community would complain.

·         Why isn’t Town going back to giving mandated bags? The cost would be a constraint; it was then suggested the Town could be the bags wholesale, but the answer was the Town does not want to be in the business of selling bags

·         What happens with electronic waste? NYS law is that carter cannot pick up electronics; in 2 years it will be illegal for residents to put out at the curb

·         Paper bags cause the cutting of trees down. Ms. DeBrita states in the long run this will help the environment.

·         New light bulbs are very dangerous and have mercury in them, how are resident s to dispose of them? Put them in a bag and throw them out, or bring them to the facility or back to where purchased. Home Depot has recycling bins for bulbs and lithium batteries

·         Batteries? These are ok to throw out

·         What about those residents that don’t recycle can they be fined? The Town Code does allow for that, legislature doesn’t want to make this decision. But, the neighbors may be bringing recyclables to landfill themselves; Town doesn’t want to take up penalizing people.

·         Policy on large appliances? There is no change

·         Yaphank landfill expansion? Board to increase 50’ height

·         Drug drop off? No, take them back to the pharmacy; DEC allows drugs to be thrown in garbage where it will be incinerated. Laurie Green stated that CVS will not take the drugs back; Michele thinks Walgreens does.

·         Street trash from fast food, drive by dumping, open trucks? Waste Management takes care of  cleaning of streets, call 451- TOWN, they have several crews for clean up

·         Who makes signs for curb your dog? Miss DeBrita did not know, departments could not decide which dept. would be responsible

·         El Dorado issue of dumpster being left open, garbage blows onto road. Inspector went and dumpster was found fenced and lids closed. Inspector will return to restaurant and speak with manager.






Civic Business:

Ø  Ed Garboski called for an amendment to the bylaws: Executive board meeting minutes to be taken and read at general meeting. This was held in abeyance until vote at June’s meeting because this was not posted on the website for public notice

Ø  Taco bell will be knocking building down and rebuilding with grilled windows, step out cornice, rounded elements will be squared off, purple bell will be neutral color, ground level sign and landscaped. They will be invited to CA to show renderings

Ø  Dodge dealership – inside of building is filled with desks and chairs, 2 speed boats, expensive cars.  Invited to attend CA meeting, no response.

Ø  Frank Gibbons reported that a “DON”T BLOCK THE BOX” at Terryville and Norwood should be coming soon

Ø  Membership and fundraising: Diane is trying to get local business people that live and work here to come to June CA meeting; what do they need and try to cajole them to give scholarship donations

Ø  Beautification and membership committees need help. Please sign up or see Joan or Diane

Ø  Thank you from the historical society for the $100 gift towards shades

Ø  June 19 is school budget re-vote – please get out and vote.

Ø  Resident Craig D.  lives off Hansen has been the source for planting daffodils along Old Town Road – goal is for 10k, has planted 4k so far. How can people participate? He purchases bulbs form his own pocket

Ø  Executive Board will conduct meetings in July and August

Ø  December meeting falls on Christmas day, there will be no December meeting

Ø  Next Meeting – June 26, 2012 at Comsewogue Library 7:00PM. Meetings are held 4th Tuesday of each Month.

Ø  Meeting Officially adjourned at 9:10PM

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776