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May 28 2013 Minutes
May 28, 2013 - PJS Public Library

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Port Jefferson Station and Terryville Civic Association Minutes May 28, 2013

Executive board members  in attendance:  Ed Garboski, Laurie Green  Joan Nickeson, Howard Aaron  Lou Antoniello


Meeting commenced at 7:10 with the pledge of Allegiance.


The April Executive Board meeting minutes were read- approved and accepted later in the meeting.


The April Civic Association Meeting Minutes were read, approved and accepted.


Peggy Kelly of Kelly expediting was expected but did not show.


·         Treasurers report- by Lou: new balance as of May 30, 2013   $1,68319

Lou also mentioned his wish for a community orchestra and spoke about his conversation with School Superintendant Dr. Rella, who is also interested. At least 15 members would be needed.

·         Beautification report- by Joan: She had contacted Steve Englebright’s office regarding the destruction of woods at the Pathmark Shopping Center, in an effort to save trees and shrubs to another location within the triangle park area, and had heard they were working on it, but the land was scraped clean of all vegetation.  It turns out that this was done by Lerner and Associates, who had an agreement with the community, through the civic association, that they would preserved trees.  Ed will contact Keith Archer, the Lerner representative about this.

Donations of flats of annuals were given by Jeff Kito of Kito Greenhouses and landscaping, for the beautification of the JFK middle school and the high school.  We thank Jeff for his generosity and consideration of the community.  

Kitty Schultz also offered some perennial plants to Joan Nickeson for Beautification efforts at the Union Hall on Terryville Road.


·         There were several beautification efforts by members of the community during the May 18th Great Brookhaven Clean up Day.  Notably the clean up and plantings of the Steven Crowley Memorial Park on Old Town Rd in Terryville.

·         Also the new Davis Peach Farm on the former Scapparelli (Scappy’s) Farm Stand sells beautiful flowers and plants, produce and home baked pies.  Joan asked that we support this business.


·         We received notice about a rite of way request from a PJS homeowner to the Town.  As a minor property issue, the civic association voted in agreement that this was not something we need to be involved with.


·         We received a request for donation from Old Town Blooms from new member, Craig den Hartog.  The civic association agreed to $100 donation, despite our low funds:  Members are not paying their dues in a timely fashion.


·         Ed asked if there is anyone interested in managing the civic association website.  
Louisa Marullo has volunteered and is currently maintaining our site.


·         The 23rd Annual Music & Arts Festival at Cedar Beach takes place on October 5th and 6th.  We would not be charged for a table space, and our presence there could help with membership.  Diane Lenihan was successful last year- Ed asked if anyone was interested in manning a table.  Craig den Hartog mentioned he may be interested.


·         A representative from UHALL will present to the civic association in June.


New Business.  Kitty Schultz asked about the potential for homeless sex offenders coming to our hamlet in our township.  Suff Co. Legislator Kara Hahn said that because they are ‘homeless’, the sex offenders being relocated from country trailers in Riverhead, will not be housed ANYWHERE for more than 24 hours, as they are ‘homeless’.  If and when a registered sex offender settles in a residence anywhere, they are required to notify the police, etc. It was suggested that the civic association contact Laura Ahern of Megan’s Law, who is working with the county on the relocation issue.  Ahern can address the monitoring system of the sex offenders.  Laurie Green is getting Ahern’s contact information from Ms Hahn.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm



Respectfully submitted______________________________________

                                      Joan Nickeson

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776