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3/26/14 Minutes
Mar 26, 2014 - Library

Minutes : Port Jefferson Station and Terryville Civic Association 

March 26, 2014

Ex board members present: Charlie McAteer, Ed Garboski, Diane Lenihan, Lou Antoniello, Joan Nickeson Frank Gibbons Howard Aaron

Reading of February minutes motion to accept by Frank Gibbons, seconded by Ed Wendol.

Reading of Ex board minutes motion to accept by Jeff Napoleon and seconded by Tim Granito.

Election of Candidates- slate by laws read, request for other nominations made/nominations closed; Incumbents running unopposed.

Frank Petrigiani, Brookhaven Hwy report/public relations report on snow removal, paving, and ecology site

Christina Crivello from Create A Cake

Jim Tsunis, Lee Rosner- Jefferson Meadows 85 rental units for seniors. 

Someone will be occupying the property as of April 1, 2014.

Existing building will be used as a club house, the two A-1 lots will not be touched.  They will use the Woodhaven nursing home sewage tie-in.

*A covenant on the original Rampone property outlines 32% of the J2 property remain untouched.  That is in addition to the A-1 properties remaining undeveloped.

Dumpsters managed by the property mgmt co.

Diane asked again for site plans.

Siding- clapboard

No outdoor lighting outside the back of buildings toward Washington or Jefferson Ave.

Rich Ciotto, president of Sterling Woods Board of Managers said retaining walls will help with buffer.

Overall height 35’, the current Rampone Bldg is about 28’.

They will send us rear elevations and when a formal plan is submitted to the town, copies will be send to us.  For an upcoming meeting, he will produce


Vote for the library budget April 8th 9:30 am to 9 pm.  Increase of 24c for $100 dollars.

Debbie Getz, has a petition for this November election for Suffolk elected officials, adopting a charter law, requiring reimbursement of regarding 11 million dollars to tax payers that Suffolk County administration used from water resources fund.  Signatures.

Report from  Bruce Miller of Citizens for the repowering of LIPA plant in Port Jeff. They are proposing it be re-evaluated and repowered.  They are also asking for the public service commission to step in, but it is being resisted by LIPA.

Research study shows that Long Island doesn’t need the amount of energy created by Caithness,  LIPA is ignoring the study on Long Island usage. The cost of refurbishing a brown field site, goes to the ratepayer

It was asked what we should do, if we side with his report to the association. It was suggested we contact our state legislator.

Frank Gibbons said a new plant in Yapank will have to guild a gas pipeline to import fracked methane, a most dangerous chemical.  We should contact the governor’s office and tell them we need a hearing.

Frank added that Caithness is borrowing billions that it is not guaranteeing- it is the responsibility of the taxpayers to pay it.

Diane Guidice asked where we could learn more.  Bruce said he can provide information.

Sheila Granito said that the citizens of Yapank have been sold on the Caithnss plant, because it helps their community.  We should contact our local representative at Brookhaven Town- Connie Kepert.

Committee Reports suspended.

Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776