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5/28/14 Minutes
May 28, 2014 - Comsewogue Library

Meeting of May 28, 2014 - Minutes
Comsewogue Library

Members present:  Edward Garboski, President, Charles McAteer, Lou Antoniello, Frank Gibbons

Absent with prior notice:  Joan Nikeson, Diane Lenihan-Guidice

Minutes read and approved from April meeting

Financial report given by Lou Antoniello, Treasurer, approved

Guest Speaker:  Doug Partrick, developer and owner of  Heatherwood communities.  The golf course has been in in existence since the 1960’s. Mr. Partrick discussed the prospect of a multi-family home development, Heatherwood Houses at Port Jefferson.  He said they never sell what they build and take pride in their property.  Their company takes pride in property management.  In addition to Long Island they own property in NYC in high rise and lower development.

Mr. Partrick stated that the apartment complex is necessary for the survival of the golf course in Port Jefferson Station.  Pine Hills in Wading River is an 18 hole PGA course owned by Heatherwood and is surrounded by an apartment complex.

Mr. Partrick said the golf course is no longer viable as a golf course alone.  Heatherwood  wants to maintain the golf course by using financial support from housing revenues.

Steve Hanson is the in house architect for Heatherwood and Mike Benis, the Engineer then gave a presentation about the proposed development.

Heatherwood is 70 acres of land with access from Arrowhead Lane.  They will try to integrate the golf course into the development, by making it a 9 hole golf course around the community.  They will have a community center with a pool, pitch and putt on Nesconset highway and an entrance on Arrowhead Lane.  There will be 12 unit and l6 unit buildings.  Access to the buildings from the front and the back access will have a view of the golf course.  Units will be comprised of ranches on the end and town house with garage in the center and with enclosed porches.  There will be some individuality and height differences in a colonial design.  The 16 unit buildings will have ranches on the ends and upper and lower units that are handicap accessible. 

There will be walkways, ponds, gazebo and a 9 hole golf.

There will be separate parking for the pitch and putt




The numbers for the 200 unit complex are:

24 Ranch houses, 60 Townhouses, 58 first floor apartments, and 58 second floor units.

Homes will have their own parking. So, not so many parking spaces needed for golfers.

The economics to preserve the golf course were questioned.

One public comment:  “You profited from the course for years and now when it is not doing well, why should the public tax payers suffer”.

From Ed Wendel:  A traffic study should be done on Route 347.

Traffic on Arrowhead Lane is already bad. What will Heatherwood take to keep it from  getting worse?

What are the environmental issues , such as sewerage, and traffic loading on Route 347. Will  Town/County sewerage  capacity, developed for existing home use, be used for this new development?

Other concerns:  Will Heatherwood still own the property after the homes are built?

                                When Doug was asked if he would sell the property-he said it was uncertain and

    He, Doug, would “never say, never”.

Parking:  The homes will have parking, so not as many parking spots will be needed for golfers.

Mary Ann Johnston:  Long Island already has more people than it can accommodate.  Heatherwood

will probably not get approval for sewers.  Builders will have to do their own state of the art sewerage plants.  They are not going to be able to tie into existing sewerage plants.

It was also stated that the planners had determined that the developed acreage would contain 8 units to the acre but the average over the complete parcel would be less than 3 units per acre.

Concerns from the public present about the tax base.  Where will it be going since several communities are involved?  There several districts and communities involved.

The Town of Brookhaven does not want the land donated to it as  “open space” because they cannot maintain  it. 

Is there a compromise?

Ms. Cartright stated that the Hamlet Study document contained a provision for changing the zoning on this property, in the event it was no longer to be used as a golf course, to three (3) units per acre. This means that, in keeping with the Hamlet Study, the seventy-five acres of Heatherwood could be built out to 225 units. The current Plan A is for 200 units.

Mr. Partrick stated that golfing is not as popular as it once was, especially among the younger generation.

What would be Plan B.  Is it better to leave the land dormant  or possibly close the golf course all together, if it is not profitable.  It is getting costly to run the golf course.  Mr. Partrick said he is not interested in selling the land.

Dr. Joseph Rella,  Comsewogue School Superintendant, said the  District would welcome senior citizens.

He also mentioned  impact of the Tax Freeze imposed on school districts  by Governor Cuomo.

Three Village School District is involved in the project but did not send a representative.

The Town zoning for the neighborhood surrounding the land in question is A1 and B1.  The Hamlet Plan

was submitted to the Town in 2008. This plan was accepted by the Town but not adopted.

The Town of Brookhaven changed the code on this property to A5 in the last quarter of the twentieth century not in 2008 as many thought.

Maryann Johnston said she was disappointed that the Town Board did not respect the Hamlet Study.

She stated that you set a precedent when you do not honor what the community wants.

She also said that if you don’t want a zone changed then don’t let the developer spend the money on a plan.

Councilwoman Valerie Cartright said she had the Hamlet Study document open before her, to use as a guide, when she was at the Town meetings in which the development of the Heatherwood property was being  discussed.

Council woman Cartright said when an owner decides that he doesn’t want to go ahead with the communities vision, there may be room for compromise.  Councilwoman then asked, “What could the community live with plan, A, or B, or possibly  a new plan, C or D?

The public was also concerned with any problems the Fire Departments might have with the needs of

a 55 and over complex.

There was also concern about another PRC to be built on Old Town Road and the apparent proliferation of PRC development in our Hamlet.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M. with a motion by Frank Gibbons, seconded by

Virginia Gibbons.

Respectfully submitted by ,

Virginia Gibbons



PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776