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8/27/14 minutes
Aug 27, 2014 - Comsewogue Library

Minutes of the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association

August 27, 2014

Ex Board Members Present:  Ed Garboski, Diane Lenihan, Charlie McAteer, Lou Antoniello, Joan Nickeson

Guests- Dr. Lee Koppleman, Shawn Nuzzo, Pres. Three Village Civic Assoc


Agenda:  Heatherwood Golf Course


Ed read a letter sent to Brookhaven Supervisor from Douglas Patrick, owner of Heatherwood Golf Course, wherein it was stated that Mr. Patrick will be closing the Golf Course, ‘…at the end of the season…’ due to finances.  He is interested in a 200 unit PRC housing complex with a nine hole public golf course, on 70 acres.  The ingress will be on Arrowhead Lane with a possible ingress/fire crash gate somewhere on the eastern or southeastern border; not on Rte 347. 


Ed further stated that the current tax revenue to Brookhaven is 23K and the potential revenue of the PRC complex could be 238K.  These figures were provided through the town of Brookhaven, which also reported that a formal traffic study was conducted, and determined that there would be little impact.


Also stated:  The developer would pay two million dollars for Carman’s River Credits, a portion of which would go to open space, and a portion of that we are told, would go to our hamlet and Setauket.


·         Dr. Koppleman added that the community needs to decide, and that they should consider the ramifications of the promised nine hole public golf course, should it not bring in the revenue that is desirable for Mr. Patrick. The course should not be closed in that case, but be transferred to Brookhaven Town for public use as promised.  There need to be assurances to the community.

Someone raised the issue of the impact on the community if the property was developed as the A5 zone as it is now.

 Dr. K.  explained the tax revenues from a development of single family homes if developed as A5:  At approximately 15K to educate each student in our district- a home of four or five bedrooms which would probably be built on a five acre lot, potentially generating three children, would need to be taxed at 45K just to meet the demand on the school district, not to mention other municipal taxes.

·         A woman in the back of the room asked: Q  What % of the community is actually interested in the PRC idea?  I live right there and my neighbors are not in favor.

·         John Karras said that any tax revenue which might come from such a development will go into a black hole-our communities would not see it.

·         Lou Antoniello said we already have 12 Multi Family housing of one kind or another, with six other projects on the burners- two of which will be MF housing, increasing the number of cars to nearly 1000, onto our streets.  He also stated that our hamlet specifically was supposed to get 250 K from Neilson’s project, which we never saw.

·         Debbie________, stated that there is also a 55+ community being built in Mt Sinai, called Plymouth Estates.

·         Richard Meyer added that renters of 55 and over apts can, IN FACT, vote in our school districts and affect the outcome of our budgets

·         Sheila Granito reported reading about the 4 Million tax abatement just given to Rail Realty for the Multi Family housing project on Texaco Avenue, in our school district, which will have an impact on our schools with not enough revenue.

·         Frank Gibbons said that the Long Island Builders Institute could likely find a Supervisor that they can manipulate in order to render any unused buildings, Blight to Light.

·         Don Zorros said that  L-Zones and Recreation Zones will allow the town to put in ‘gaming’ or gambling machines and that there is a meeting on August 12 at Brookhaven Town.

·         Joan reminded people that they need to stay in touch with the Town for this and other issues and to join the civic.

·         Tom Witte said there is not enough supported infrastructure in our community for all this housing, and WHERE are all these people coming from?

·         Sal________ said we need to reach out to other civic associations and get their support. 

·         Ed informed everyone that we are part of ABCO and they will support us at any meeting, and that the ABCO president was at the first Heatherwood Mtg.

·         Shawn Nuzzo said that the StonyBrook /Setaukets will side with whatever decision OUR association members decide.

·         Richard Meyer said that we should write a formal letter to Supervisor Romaine and Councilwoman Cartright, stating our ‘no’ consensus. Ed said that since this is a special agenda meeting, and the next formal meeting is Septemper 23, 7pm, we will hold that motion in abeyance until Sept 23, 7pm.

·         Shawn Nuzzo added that in general, Long Island is a ‘greying’ population and he is not happy with the loss of any open space.

·         Sheila Granito questioned the possibility of a private/public partnership to make the golf course a park, like what the Town of Brookhaven did for Mt Sinai with Heritage Park.

·         Dr. K. suggested that at our next meeting we hold a vote on the will of the people and he is confident that the Supervisor and Councilwoman will do what the people want.  He said that builders have a different agenda, but the elected officials generally listen to the community.

·         Jerry Maxim said that the golf course should be put in the public domain and dedicated as open space.

·         Dr. K. said there has to be a discussion, and to let the voice of the people be heard: What is the guarantee in the ultimate use of the property?  You can look into having it dedicated in a historic trust, that can not be undone- Get A Guarantee of Protection of the Property if that’s what you want.

·         Tim Granito asked Joan/ if she recorded that important information, and she read the last paragraph regarding historic trusts and guarantees, and got a thumbs up from Tim and Sheila.


Mtg  adjourned at 8:30pm

Respectfully submitted:_________________________________

                                      Joan Nickeson, Secy.


Addendum from member, Don Zorros




The Heatherwood Golf Club is a diamond in the rough, a sister course to the Pine Hills PGA championship course located in Manorville. This year-round, public golf course is a beautiful 18 hole; par 60 course situated on approximately 85 acres of heavily treed property. The 18-hole "Heatherwood" course at the Heatherwood Golf Club facility in Centereach, New York features 4,109 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 60. The course rating is 58.6 and it has a slope rating of 95. Heatherwood golf course opened in 1965.


The Heatherwood Golf Course in Port Jefferson Station and Centerreach is a treasure that could only have been built when the community was first developed. This golf course is used by young and old residents and is a valuable asset to the area. It adds no students to the schools and has a positive tax base. Nearly every aspect of the Heatherwood Golf Course is a plus. The elimination of this treasure to meet the immediate financial problem of today would be a crime.


During the Carmans River legislation the Brookhaven Town Board attempted to change the A-5 zoning of the Heatherwood Golf Course to a MF (multi-family) modified code unsuccessfully. It was planning to use this zoning change to enable the use of transfer credits from the Carmens River and Pine Barrens. If this was accomplished it would enable funds to be transferred to the Town. Recently the Town changed the Planned Retirement zoning code to also allow the transfer of credits to be purchased by the builder.


In the Port Jefferson Station Hub Study the golf course was to remain with it’s present zoning and if it were to go out of business the Town would consider taking it over. The other option would be to allow building of seventeen 5-acre estates as of right. This would in both cases retain the open space and low density required minimizing the impact on the area.


Don Zaros




PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776