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11/24/14 minutes
Nov 24, 2014 - Library

Minutes of the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association November 24, 2014

Ed Garboski, Diane Lenihan Guidice, Charlie McAteer, Joan Nickeson, Lou Antoniello, Howard Aarons, Frank Gibbons, Louisa Marullo present.

October minutes read and accepted.

October minutes of the executive board were unofficial but read to membership.

·        Treasurer Report- Balance as of November 25, 2014 = $1,873.82

·        Presentation by COPE Officer Tod Bradshaw.  Incidents in our area week of Nov 17-24th: 

-A burglary on Jayne Ave., They have fingerprints and are pursuing.

-A car stolen on Morgan Avenue.  The police have video footage and are pursuing.

-A theft at a commercial business on Bicycle Path; personal items of owner taken.

-Theft of car battery and personal items from a car on Nadine Lane.

COPE has made significant changes- there are two divisions.  One- enforcement with about a half dozen officers in total, are available for community concerns, making special effort to be responsive and will answer questions or concerns in person, by mail or email. 

To concerns raised in the audience, Officer said that they are entirely short staffed: As our populations gets more dense, they have the same exact number of officers as they had many years ago. He suggested that we contact our legislator (Kara Hahn).

·        Presentation- by Jim Tsuns for Walgreens-this is the second presentation- the audience at large and the members had concerns, which are being kept on record with the executive board members to be entered into official correspondence at a later date. 

-     Concerns include, but not limited to: 

Lack of need (CVS is on the same corner to the west), undesirable façade, lack of LEED certification, traffic safety due to trucks entering on rte 347, quality of life issues for neighborhood, closing of a public street, the long daily hours of operation, lack of water reclamation-such as grey water for irrigation and other environmental implementations, such as solar panels (noted that TD Bank has a driver thru with solar voltaic roof panels), insufficient tree planting, removal of understory brush at the rear of the site, which buffers neighborhood street, non union-rate wages for employees, traffic disruption at this congested intersection, exposure of site parking lot to highway.  The association did not vote on the project.

·        Ed told us that Kevin Molly, at Brookhaven, informed him that Healtherwoodhas submitted an application.  Carolyn Fellrath from our council district explained that there will be a Town Board meeting on Dec. 2nd to discuss putting the item on a Town Board schedule for a public meeting December 16th. Public comments can be made at the Dec 2nd meeting, as well as December 16thif such a date is approved.

·        The Setaukets/Stony Brook Civic Association uses a letter format for Brookhaven Town Council Board, Zoning, Planning, and other municipalities, in response to developer presentations to their membership, which we like. 

We hope to model our letters in the same way.  The letter clearly states

·        the civic association’s position is as an advocate for the members. 

·        members concerns on presentations, as official record.

·        all names and titles of principal presenters.

·        Frank Gibbons attended a recent ABCO meeting, and reported that theDEC gave permits for sand mining into the critical  Long Island LLOYD Aquifer.  He suggested that we contact the DEC.  Lisa, a rep from the office was in attendance and took notes on our concerns, suggested we contact through Steve Englebright’s office.

Monday, December 1s,t7:30pm, Setauket Civic Assoc is hosting Ed Romaine, Brookhaven Supe. Who will discuss the sale of the Town of Brookhaven Marina, to Port Jefferson.  Emma Clark Library.

Doreen Guma presented her Enjoy Community Life idea- We suggested that she send a representative to our meetings each month, to collect whatever data they wish.

Bruce Miller, Trustee of PJVillage spoke on the Caithness power plant, which was put on hold –PJ had completed an economic study outlying the questionable rationale for such a large power-generating facility on Long Island.  He reported that LIPA is having a meeting in Uniondale and asked if some of the civic representatives could attend.    He also spoke on the sale of the marina lot to Port Jeff and noted that while it is something Port Jeff wants, the sale is being driven by the town of Brookhaven.

Frank reported that LIPA is still refusing to reveal the Caithness contract-

Carolyn Fellrath reported that there is an informational meeting on the sale of the marina lot, on December 10th at 5:30 at Brookhaven Town Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Respectfully Submitted by:________________________________

                                                Joan Nickeson

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776