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Executive board meeting 1/14/15
Jan 14, 2015 -

Exec Board Minutes of the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic 
Association January 14, 2015

Present: Ed Garboski, Diane Guidice, Charlie McAteer, Lou Antoniello, Howard Aarons, Frank Gibbons. (Joan Nickeson was absent with notice),

News: Across the street from Raynor Park is a proposed three story Assisted Living with 55 & over and with 150 units.

  • It is on a major highway and there are no close neighbors.

  • The hours of employees are off peak, 3-11, 11-7. So traffic may not be a concern

  • It’s a development company from Baltimore.

News: Valerie Cartwright wants to meet with the exec board as well as Ed Romaine wants to come to our civic meetings.

  • When are good times?

  • Charlie will send email to Valerie if she can attend the next Feb exec board meeting.

  • Ed suggested Civic meeting with Ed Romaine and/or Losquandro,

News: Lou has been in contact with a Real Estate company for the old 84 Lumber property and they wants to meet with us to discuss a possible buy on this property. It could be a storage facility.

  • Landbank parking is being proposed.

  • Lou said they will be purchasing lights and will ask Joan to be involved when it comes to the landscaping. There may be a 100’ setback and supposedly they are not developing the whole property.

News: Lou brought up that a graduate from Comsewogue High School, Clinton Kelly, is organizing a business opportunity for a cooking/comedy show.

  • Where is a good place to have such a place in our town? Frank mentioned the Elks Club property would be a good venue for it. 

News: Ed concerned of the exec board meeting in Panara Bread. The manager there did not allow us to schedule our meetings for more than 2 months out. This is new. Suggestions came up to use the Library, the union Hall or the train.

Ed brought up that we need to discuss on the outlook for the Year:

  1. Hub study

  • needs to be put on town Calendar. It has already be accepted, now it needs to be adopted, Valerie needs to be asked as to when this is going to happen.
  • A master builder is still being discussed and everyone present was in agreement that the following issues will be a plus for us if we have a master builder:

  1. Using a local Contractor will know our community and because they live here, will have a vested interest in the project. 


  2. Already knows our architectural design.


  3. It will be easier to have a master builder deal with all the different builders than for us as a civic body to try and keep up with it all. Builders could slip through our sights and build their own designs before we hear about it whereas having a Master Builder would prevent this and help with the conformity.


  4. One possible candidate is already working with Stonybrook University and the MTA Railroad, both of which will be interwoven in the project.


  1. Chick fil A starting to build.

  • Lou said the final cut sheet was never sent to us. We need to get that.


  1. Scholarship:

  • We still would like to try and do a scholarship through the Civics but we need C3 status to ask for donations.

  • We can get a quick app for $400 but that is expensive, Frank said he will try and see if he can get this.


  1. Advertising on web page

    Advertising should not be allowed at this time. We need to discuss this with our community when they post since it is not a place to advertise unless approved by the board. Advertising should only be on there when it is being paid for and we must work toward a solution on this since we would like to begin to do this.


  2. Charlie had gone to the “Enjoy Life Community” meeting and will volunteer to be a liason for the civics.

    One subject discussed was cleaning up the Washington Ave Park and Charlie will coordinate and possibly do what we did with the Gentleman’s Racetrack last year whereas it was done on the same day as the Brookhaven Clean up. He will coordinate with Joan Nickeson as well.


  3. Jim Tsunis wants to come back to the February Civics meeting as well regarding his proposal on Walgreens. Ed suggested getting out flyers to inform the community on this date.


  4. Diane suggested putting a post on the Comsewogue community page and start getting volunteers in designated parts of our town to help pass out flyers for this as well as any upcoming news that will be beneficial to get more publicity.  Frank was just concerned about putting the flyers in the mailboxes but as long as they are told not to do this, it should be okay.


    Meeting adjoined at 8:15PM

    Respectfully submitted by____________________________________________

                                                    Diane Guidice





Clifton Kelly has not said he is interested in our area.  Lou is hoping he is going to say that.

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776