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2/28/15 minutes
Feb 25, 2015 -

Minutes of the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association February 25,2015


Present: Ed Garboski, Diane Guidice, Charlie McAteer, Joan Nickeson, Lou Antoniello, Howard Aarons, Frank Gibbons

Pledge of Allegiance

January minutes read and accepted.

January executive board minutes read and accepted

Correspondence read,

Ø    from Town of Brookhaven information on the ‘What Now’ group and ‘Girl Talk’ support group

Ø    from Suffolk County, information on Narcan training and Boater Safety Classes

Treasurer- Lou reported the balance as of January 31, 2015    is $2,195.82.

Committee reports: 

                Beautification- Joan invited members to join the committee. She is working with Craig den Hartog of Old Town Bloom to foster a planting event at the high school. She made a private donation of seed starter kits JFK Middle School; looking forward to flowers for transplanting into the flagpole garden.  As secretary, she asked for any submission of images or stories for a digital scrapbook to be linked to the FBook page or civic website.

No traffic report.

Ed announced an interest in holding a civic-lead blood drive: he will send out an email to all on our email list, to ascertain the interest level.

Ø    Presentations:  William Doyle- constituent services director from Lee Zeldin’s office, made an appearance to offer his contact information to aid residents.

Ø    Presentations: The new Dunkin Donuts is seeking a zone change to permit a drive-thru window.  Expediter, Diane Moje presented her client’s interest and fielded questions and concerns: Client is John Elliot . 

Member concerns focused on traffic, safety and the accountability of the agents of the original application sent to Brookhaven Planning Dept., specifically the inaccurate street address for Dunkin Donuts site plan as Setauket, which lead to excluding this membership from an initial presentation, review and input on the site plan.


Other member concerns recorded:

·                       Positioning of the proposed drive-thru and impact of headlights on motorists on Rte 347 as it exists now.


·                       The increased impact of headlights from proposed drive-thru lane on motorists, after NYSDOT ‘takes’ their property on Rte 347 for road expansion.


·                       Re-use of dwarf evergreens currently planted on site, to mitigate the effects of headlights from a proposed drive-thru lane.


·                    The impact of additional cars drawn to the proposed drive-thru near a currently congested intersection - NYS Rte 347 at Old Town Road.


·                    The increased impact of those additional cars after the NYSDOT ‘takes’ their property for expansion of NYS Rte 347 –the resulting shortened driveway can cause ‘stacking’ of cars at the entrance, into the road.


·                    Additional ‘drive thru’ cars can impact safety and congestion on traffic entering the existing Kohl’s/Waldbaums shopping  center.


·                    Additional drive thru cars impact on safety and congestion of traffic merging from the exit of the 7-11.

News- There was a recent meeting at Councilwoman Cartright’s office with the owners of 7-11 and Ed, Diane, Charlie and Joan to review an application for a new gas station next on the site at the corner of Rte 347 and Old Town Road and moving the front door entrance on the existing 7-11 building.


                Member concerns recorded:


·                 The impact of cars entering and exiting the gas station on Old Town Road which is congested.

·                 The impact of cars entering and exiting …on NYS Rte 347


·                    The impact of cars exiting the gas station and merging westbound, into Rte 347 traffic, as cars merge to the same shoulder to access the Dunkin Donuts where another merge-lane ends. 


·                    The question of the ownership of the gas/gas tanks.


Ø    Presentation: Lauro Group- Civil Engineers and land use company, and owners of Advantage Storage at the former 84 Lumber property, Rte 112, Port Jefferson Station.

The applicants intend to meet with Councilwoman Cartright shortly. They presented images and details on hours, operations, designs, landscapes.


In general, member comments were positive.  Concerns were eagerly taken up by Mr. Lauro.  We expect follow up report from them.

Member concerns recorded:


·                    Trailers, RVs and boat-park storage –needs careful monitoring of possible waste, refuse, and oil and gas discharge onto the property.


·                    The hours of access of boat owners and other customers given access after official closing time could cause the intended use of a seasonal storage into an unintended daily use ‘driveway’ instead. This also makes it more of a security issue at night since there will be no manned guards. 




Meeting adjourned 9:03 pm

Respectfully submitted by ____________________________

                                                            Joan Nickeson, Recording Secretary

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776