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12/10/2014 minutes
Dec 10, 2014 -

Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association

Executive Board Minutes of December 10, 2014


Board members present: Ed Garboski, Diane Lenihan Guidice, Charles McAteer, Joan Nickeson, Howard Arons, Frank Gibbons.  Absent with notice: Lou Antoniello


Discussion- On the forming of a committee in late winter or early spring, to organize a mini Dickens event for next December.


News-The grant that we submitted to get funds for the purchase of antique lighting was denied.


  • Ed will call Councilwoman Cartright regarding proposing a re-zoning of the commercial hub study area.  He is interested in a master builder to oversee the revitalization and financial responsibility of various studies that are needed in the commercial hub section of Port Jefferson Station.  He would like to invite a Charlie Lefkowitz to an executive board meeting.  Ed he has spoken with him in the past about his commercial property in the area and Charlie said he is interested in being the master builder.  Other interested candidates would be considered.


    Charlie McAteer, who chaired the Commercial Hub Study Citizens Advisory Committee will contact Dr. Koppleman-the engineer hired to oversee the study report, and get his opinion.

    Diane will contact other civics to see how they have moved forward with the execution of their revitalization efforts.  She will also contact Councilwoman Cartright on this.


  • Discussion- On permitting advertising on our Facebook page or website. Also discussed- charging advertisers, to raise money for a Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association High School Scholarship.  Diane will discuss the logistics of placing ads within the website, with Louisa Marullo.  We also discussed the implications of applying for and adding a C-3 designation to our civic organization.


    Meeting adjourned at 9pm.


    Respectfully submitted by__________________________________

                                             Joan Nickeson

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776