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4/25/15 minutes
Apr 25, 2015 -

Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association Meeting April 22, 2015

Ex board present:  Ed Garboski, Diane Lenihan, Lou Antoniello, Charlie McAteer, Joan Nickeson, Howard Aarons, Frank Gibbons

7:15 pm Pledge

·         Minutes of the March Civic Association meeting, read and accepted.

·         Ed said under Roberts Rules he doesn’t have to allow the ex board minutes of the April meeting to be read. Amendment: In addition, we will read the issues and resolutions in the form of executive report.

Joan said the recorded minutes of the ex board meeting with Kara Hahn are accurate.  Also, when Laurie was president, members agreed that we could not follow Roberts Rules exactly, but would use it as a guide. 

o   Matrix Building covenant:  Discussions revealed that a letter was sent on behalf of the Matrix Building, lifting, rather than amending it, and protective language for residents, which members agreed to, was missing.

o   Councilwoman Cartright said “looking at the choice of words, when dealing with a covenant issue, is a reasonable discussion”. She asked if the letter to the Town would be revised.  

o   Members spoke on the need for accuracy on the language of covenants.

·         Treasurer’s Report:  April balance: $2,300.82 was accepted.

Antique street lights: Lou added that there was incorrect information given out by someone claiming that cheaper lights are the same, and could be used in our area-

He said they are inferior quality to those in the Village and ‘we need to keep the continuity’.

Ed reported later in the meeting, that Rob Lauro of Advantage Storage will be using the original antique street lighting that Lou had referred to.

·         Presentation by COPE officer Bradshaw-

o   three cars stolen, a robbery at Sunoco. two arrests and a fire and grand larceny in our vicinity.

o   Inspector Palmieri has left the 6th precint after doing a good job and has been replaced with Inspector Bill Murphy. 

o   an incident north of the rail road tracks recently was a 10-16 turned into a fight, no officers were injured. 

o   gang activity at a restaurant next to the parking lot on the north side of the rail road tracks:  Cameras have been installed north of the tracks, police can monitor know exactly what is going on there. And they have plain-clothes police there.

o   disposal of medication:  Medication can be brought to the precinct or the Rose Caracapa building; keep them in their original bottle and cross out the names on the labels.

o   23 Barbara Avenue had a connection to a suspected larceny at Sola Salon

o   skeletal remains found near the Setauket Greenway-no new developments

o   drug dealing going on near homes in neighborhoods and supervision of sex offenders: He said everyone is doing what they can considering the way the law was written on this topic.  Valerie Cartright suggested reporting illegal activity so the town council office can report to specific departments as well. 

o   An unfinished home on Joline Road- is a ‘hangout’:  Cartright said they can look into permitting and time restraints.

·         CAC Hub Study report:

Valerie said the Town Planning Department needs to put together a land use plan based on the report.

She raised concerned with respect to an 18 month timeline that was referred to in a letter from the Supervisor in January-It is her understanding that the letter was based on the Ronkonkoma Hub development plan and the timeline is too long for the Port Jefferson Station plan.

She added that the town would like to speak to the community before it can proceed; She and the Supervisor have spoken with Charlie Lefkowitz who owns property in the area.  Now the community needs to ‘weigh in’-

The Law Department needs to reach out to the full community, and follow up with the Planning Department, she said. We have a ‘small planning department’ and we need to identify what we want to do, so the plan doesn’t sit on a shelf, she added.

o   Laurie Green asked when a shovel would go in the ground. 

Cartright said it’s her understanding, based on conversations with Lefkowitz, that there are some areas that can be moved on sooner than others, if there is an agreement.

o   Steve Engles asked how the Hub Study Report relates to the 2008 Hamlet Study.

Cartright said sections of the Comprehensive Hamlet plan could be revisited and updated and announced that the Town Law Department set a May 12th for a Law Department meeting at 3pm for all members of the CAC committees, at Town Hall- 2nd Floor.

·         Walgreens: has pulled out and Tsunis is now talking to Rite Aid. Ed added that the corner of Rte 347 at Old Town Road will be worked on.

·         Solar: Ed Wendol spoke about the unsightly solar installation on Edwards Avenue. Valerie Cartright said in response to the proposal for solar installation on a Shoreham sod farm, Brookhaven now has a solar code committee to govern if, how and where solar installations would go.  

Barbara Senese asked about allowing comment on locations for solar farms. Valerie said that there will be an open forum to amend policy based on community comments. 

-Ed Wendol commended those who attended the 360th birthday event of Brookhaven Town.

-Valerie Cartright reported on upcoming improvements at Washington Avenue park.  Laurie suggested that we reach out to the neighbors for assistance.

-Joan gave information on upcoming clean up and beautification efforts.

-Frank said that ABCO has filed a lawsuit to block Video Gaming Terminals. Correction: Medford Civic has filed the lawsuit and ABCO is working on it with them.

-Debbie Getz thanked Valerie for her work on several projects in our district.

-Barbara suggested that the civic meetings be reported on a community page. 

Meeting adjourned 9:04

Respectfully submitted:_______________________________________

                                         Joan Nickeson, Recording Secy



PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776