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To become a member fill out this membership application and bring it to your first meeting.

Eligibility Of Membership To Organization

A resident who has reached the age of eighteen and resides in the household situated within said Union Free School District No. 3.


All eligible members of the Association shall pay the sum of $15.00 per family per year.

Dues may be paid by mail to P.O. Box 371, Port Jefferson Station, NY  11776 or at the close of each membership meeting.

All dues are to be paid to the organization each January  of the year.

PJSTCA.com Email Addresses

Instructions for using your PJSTCA.com email address
(Click the link to download a power point presentation with detail instructions on setup)

1. Your email address will be the first letter of your first name, combined with your last name. (eg. for John Smith: jsmith@pjstca.com)

2. To login to webmail, proceed to http://webmail.eniinternet.com
    - Please note you will also have to enter in the correct words in the "CAPTCHA" form below the login box. This measure is in place to prevent SPAM.

3. Your username is your email address as described above.

4. Your password has been temporarily set to your the same thing as your email address without the @pjstca.com. (ex for John Smith: jsmith)

5. Once you have successfully logged in, there is a link near the top left of the website that reads "Options". Click this link, and you will find a link for "Change Password". Please change your password to something new.

6. Once this is complete, you will be able to login anytime you like to webmail at the above web address to send and receive email from your pjstca.com email address. 



PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776