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Port Jefferson Station Terryville1

Civic Association, Inc.

(Draft as of October 8, 2015)




The organization shall be known as the Port Jefferson Terryville Civic Association, Inc.


Section I – Mission

The mission of the Association shall be to preserve and protect3 the community and to offer a unified voice while working together to enhance the quality4 of life in Port Jefferson Station-Terryville area.

Section II – Purpose 5

  1. To cultivate and promote cooperation among its members and members of other organizations in the community, as well as to contribute to the growth of civic pride and involvement in the community.

  2. To furnish and disseminate knowledge and information concerning community activities to its members and the general public.

  3. To do any and all things which shall be lawful and appropriate6 .

  4. In the event the organization dissolves or terminates; after paying any outstanding liabilities, all remaining assets will be distributed exclusively for one or more of the purposes set forth in Section 1116 (a) (4) of the New York State Law.

  5. The Port Jefferson Station Terryville Civic Association shall be non-profit and non-political in nature.

  6. In order to ensure non-political goals of the Association, any member of the Executive Board shall not run (officially accept an offer to run for an elective post) nor hold any partisan elective or appointed positions7 at any level of government.


Section III – Membership 8

  1. An individual who has reached the age of eighteen years of age and resides in Port Jefferson Terryville 11776 zip code and or resides in said Union Free School District No. 3 shall be eligible for membership.

  2. Member in Good Standing.  An individual shall be determined to be a member in good standing if such a member has attended at least 3 monthly meetings within the previous 12 months and membership dues are current.



The territorial limits of the Association shall be confined to the 11776 zip code and Union Free School district No. 3, Port Jefferson Station Terryville, Town of Brookhaven, County of Suffolk, New York.



  1. JOINING – Any resident spouse or offspring of same over 18 years of age and residing in the household, situated within said 11776 zip code and or Union Free School District No. 3.

  2. JUNIOR NON-VOTING MEMBERSHIP – any offspring 16-18 years of age, residing in the household of a resident who could qualify as a voting member of the Civic Association.  Junior members may be appointed by the President to serve on any and all committees.  Junior members may not vote or hold office.

  3. Any officer or director who resigns from office may not be nominated for, nor hold, any office for one (1) year from the date of said resignation.

  4. Any officer who has been removed (impeached for just cause)9 from office upon the vote of three quarters (3/4) of the present members in good standing may not be nominated for, nor hold, any office, elected or appointed, within this organization.

  5. Any member who publicly resigns shall not be eligible to rejoin for one (1) year from date of resignation.



  1. The elected officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

  2. 10 The appointed officers of the Association shall be: The Parliamentarian, Historian and Sergeant-at-Arms.

  3. No elected officer shall chair more than one committee without the consent of the President.

  4. No person shall hold more than two elective offices at one time.

  5. Leave of Absence11 – Any officer may request a leave of absence from his/her position for the following reasons:

Medical/health of officer or family

Family emergency

Death of family member

Job Related Issues

Conflict of interest

Leave must be approved by the Executive Committee and/or ¾ of the                                           members present in good standing.  Time of leave can be up to 3 months and can be reviewed if more time is needed.

  1. Leave of Absence 12 – Any officer who takes a leave of absence during his/her term shall not attend any executive board meetings and have any voice in deliberation or executive board decision making during his/her absence.  During his/her absence said person cannot independently represent the Civic Association in any capacity.

  2. 13 The term of office for any elected officer shall be two (2) years.  Any duly elected officer may hold this office for not more than two (2) consecutive terms, a total of four (4) years; and once having served such, will be ineligible to hold this office for the next two (2) consecutive years.

  3. 14 The outgoing President, upon completion of his term of office, shall receive a plaque, the cost of which shall not exceed $50.00



Changes Made

  1.             Corrected the spelling of Terryville

  2.             Changed wording “Object” to Mission

  3.              Changed wording to read “to preserve and protect”

  4.              Changed wording to read “to enhance the quality”

  5.              Changed Section II to be Purpose

  6.               Section II c – ended sentence at appropriate.  Eliminated the

                reference to Charter.

  7.               Section II f – added the statement officically accept an offer to run  

                 for an elective post nor hold any partisian elective or appointed


  8.              Section III – now becomes Membership

  9.              Article IV  d – added impeached for just cause

  10. Article V b – separated from a

  11. Article V e – added

  12. Article V f  - added

  13. Article V g- term changed to 2 years and a total of 4 years. New

                wording “any duly elected officer.

  14. Sections g and h moved to this section from Article VII Term of Office

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776