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 Port Jefferson Station/Terryville
Civic Association Minutes
June 28, 2011


Meeting Called to Order at 7:10 pm

Salute to Flag

Treasurer’s report; LouAntoniello

Reading of Minutes of May 24, 2011 by Tema Brodsky. Approved by Tony Rottoli. Seconded by Frank Petruzzo.

As of 5/31/11 we have $2,239.22 plus we had to give $90.00 for a PO Box and $40.00 for

Postage for Laurie Green which leaves a balance of $2,226.91.

MaryAnn Johnston, ABCO, Umbrella group and Planning in the Town of Brookhaven

She updated us on civic matters that affect our community and the surrounding communities such as our having less and less say in what is done in our communities.

Discussion ensued. The Land Use Act was adopted in the Port Jefferson Station Area. Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld was given the Good Government Award. He supported grass roots groups. ABCO is not in favor of the Carmans River Project. We have to have community-based planning. Website: ABCOonline.org (Carmans River Project).

All of the decisions are made in the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals. We have to go en masse to a meeting of this group to voice our opinions about communities having community-based planning. Mary Anne Johnston of ABCO will inform Laurie Green when the meeting will take place so we can attend and make our voices known.

Beautification Committee: Joan Nickeson

Welcome to Port Jeff. Sta./Terryville sign at Old Town Road and Rte. 347 has been designed by Tom of Letter Perfect Graphics via Jim Tsunis. Joan Nickeson asked that we take pictures of signs we like and send them to her at


Brookhaven national Laboratory will hold its Summer Sundays Series from 7/17 until 8/14/11. Anyone interested in attending these lectures can pick up a flier with the dates which Lou Antoniello brought to the meeting tonight.

The Cumsewogue Historical Society is holding a photo exhibit/reception of “Cumsewogue: A Photographic Journey through Port Jefferson Station and Terryville” from July 1 through August 31, 2011. Reception will take place on July 10 from 4 to 7pm on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Port Jefferson Recreation Department. All are invited to attend.

Open Space Committee: Lou Antoniello

The only track left is the Gentlemen’s Driving Park which is located on Morgan Avenue between Canal Road and Route 347. A horse named “Echo” raced there and was undefeated many years ago. Look at Earth Images website to find out more information about this unique piece of property. It has been put on a list of parcels to be purchased by the Town of Brookhaven.

Park at 112 and Route 347: Land is now available for our use.

New Business

Comsewogue School Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Rella and Principal of Comsewogue Senior HS, Joe Coniglione came to speak of a new program entitled LEAP (Leading and Empowering to Achieve Potential). Sixty students at the high school have already signed up for this program. It is headed by Mrs. Fasano, a mathematics teacher at the high school. Her website is MFasano@Consewogue.org. Two students, Eric Wilson and Ruth George spoke about leadership and how to help others achieve this quality. If the civic needs some assistance from s these students, we should let Mrs. Fasano know.

Our request to host a “MeJNickeson@optonline.net so that we have other ideas for our welcome sign at this location.  et the Candidates” night at our October 25th Civic meeting has not yet been responded to by either the Suffolk County Democratic or Republican Committee Headquarters.

No civic meeting held in July and August. Out next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 pm made by Tema Brodsky and seconded by Ed Garboski.


Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association
Minutes-May 24, 2011


Meeting commenced with 6th Precinct Commander Oswald and Officer Monfiletto addressing the association.   Topics covered were *student drivers, *drugs, *registered sex offenders, *public safety and noise control, * gang activity and the *silver alert ID program.  Several websites and phone numbers were given and are to be posted to our website.
April’s minutes were read by Laurie Green in absence of Tema Brodsky.  Minutes recorded by Joan Nickeson.      Ed wendol made motion to accept, seconded by Fran Navaretta.
· Treasurer’s report made by Lou Antonielo- with incoming dues we now have $2, 229.23
· Beautification Committee report made by Joan Nickeson- The work completed by Maria Periera and her crew, at Norwood Ave at Jefferson Ave, was highlighted by Laurie Green.  Also noted : work completed by Joan Nickeson and crew at the Union Hall and along Terryville Road’s south end and Old Town Road.  Upcoming is the Brookhaven June 4th Plant in Day, for which the Beautification Committee is registered through Joan and additionally by Maria.  Maria is interested in getting portable signs to highlight work that she has completed.  She has secured funds for these already. 
It was suggested by developer Jim Tsunis that a ‘Welcome’ sign for the corner of Old Town Road and Rte 347 should be decided on soon.  Jim has agreed to pay for same and the landscaping for the corner, and to work with the Beautification Committee.  Joan Nickeson is securing (has secured) design options and pricing from Letter Perfect Graphics, who created the historic Terryville signs for the Town.
Discussion ensued about the lack of notice from the Planning Dept., on applications that affect our hamlet.  It is hoped that a joint effort be made by all local civic associations to address the problem.  Jocelyn Rush of councilman Fiore-Rosenfeld’s office said that she is now getting a weekly updated list from the planning board and may get a ‘heads up’ on issues that are important to our association-which is currently being managed by Tulio Bertolli-the planning commissioner and the current president of the planning board. The timing of notice is still grossly inadequate for civic action. 
Laurie Green is hoping to have a meeting with Bertolli, along with Maryann Johnston of ABCO –Joan Nickeson has volunteered to attend with her.  Details will be forthcoming.  Laurie also reiterated the need for all association members to participate in the causes that arise with the town and the association. 
Jim Tsunis said that while Jefferson Meadows is still a ‘possible’ project, he did get our attention, with his decision to pay for more than 40k dollars in street lights along the rte 112 ‘Blight to Light’ corridor.  He asked that when his Special Use hearing arises, the civic association write a letter on his behalf.
The county clerk has offered our association a lecture on bringing civil actions, to take place in the future.
Ed wendol made motion to  vote on a donation for a veterans of Foreign Wars at the 9/11 Memorial at the Diamond in the Pines.  Motion seconded by Lou Antonielo.  $125 was approved for this.
Meeting Adjourned 9:15 pm


Port Jefferson Station and Terryville Civic Association

Meeting of March 22, 2011

7:10 call to order

Reading of minutes by Joan Nickeson

Motion to approve them by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Mr._Navaretta

Treasurers Report by Lou Antoniello: New balance is $2,247.75, not including some dues that just been received. These will be added.

Beautification Cmmtee. Joan Nickeson Presented the Civic’s plaque to Marty McGuire, the store manager of Uncle Guisseppe’s Market. She also spoke about upcoming clean up efforts and offering community service credits for students. She’d contacted Town of Brookhaven and the coordinator of JFK’s Nat’l Jr.Honor Society about this offer.

No report from Traffic or Membership- or Correspondence. Richard Meyer announced that the mailing regarding the library budget is going out. All residents are encouraged to come into the library during regular hours on the first Tuesday in April to vote on their budget. He also mentioned that he and Dr. Rella of Comsewogue School District are forming a Not for Profit foundation to benefit the children of Comsewogue school District. Right now they’re in the process of having corporation papers drawn. Eventually they will be soliciting ideas for fundraising and usage of funds.

Presentation on Phase II of the Setauket-Port Jefferson Station Greenway, was made by the DOT’s Margaret Conklin and Judes Augustine and also Charlie McAteer from Friends of the Greenway Trail. It was noted that Phase II is receiving partial funds from the U.S. Government, so any questions or problems need to be addressed now, during the design stage. This stage is expected to be completed by September 2012.

Ms. Conklin of DOT made mention of dialing 511 for traffic and transit updates, for residents. Also, she noted that it costs the NYSDOT three million dollars a year to pick up trash-so to spread the word of the consequences of polluting.

Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld made a presentation of his accomplishments in our Hamlet with the help of its residents. He and his chief Investigator Paul Deegan discussed the extensive work of the Housing Task Force.

Meeting Adjourned 9:30pm 

Port Jefferson Station and Terryville Civic Association

Meeting of February 22, 2011

7:10 call to order

Reading of minutes by Joan Nickeson

Motion to approve them by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Fran Navaretta

Treasurer’s report was given by Lou Antoniello- the balance was 2,237.96, a check was written for a plaque for Uncle Guisseppi’s and the new total is 2,209.55. The motion to approve was made by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Jack Grob.
Lou reported that the new park space near Pathmark was ‘ours’ to use. He suggested it is in everyone’s best interest to show usage of this space- a total of 4.5 acres.

Joan Nickeson reported that the committee will be working with students in the community who need service vouchers or credit hours, for school or religious commitment requirements. As a short term goal, she will be working with a local parent to designate ten spots around the hamlet that need cleaning up, in addition to reaching out to the Historical Society to allow students to participate in their yearly plantings and watering schedule in the Historic District on Terryville Road. All interested community members and their families are welcome to participate.

In Frank Gibbons absence, Tony Rotolli advised us that NYS had met their promise to install a left turn arrow on southbound Terryville Road, for drivers heading east on Rte 347.

Ed Garboski said that we gained one new member and hoped that members will encourage their friends and neighbors to do the same.

Laurie Green read a letter from Centro Properties about their intention to renovate the empty piano store in the Home Goods Shopping Center on Rte 347. They expect to split the interior to make a burger restaurant on one side and a tropical smoothie café on the other. Laurie is compiling a list of concerns from the association to forward to Centro Properties.

Jim Tsunis met with Sterling Woods and the Civic has written a letter of affirmation on Feb 18th in support of the Tsunis housing venture. He is expected to attend our March meeting.

Hess Corp- Richard Ciotta of Sterling Woods attended the zoning board meeting at the TOB, and reported that the meeting was closed without a final decision, but his feeling was that the representatives did a good job of handling inquiries from the board and that it will pass- Still, there appeared to be internal questions between Zoning Board and Planning, as to which is responsible for approving signs for Hess.

Dr Rella addressed the association regarding the highlights of the new budget and encouraged all residents to weigh in at upcoming budget workshops. Since the budget is still a work in progress and will be set below the level of a contingency budget, there will be no public vote on it. Any suggestions must be made during the workshops or by contacting Dr. Rella.

Dr.Timo, the Associate Director of Family Residences explained his interest in purchasing a home at 226 Terryville Road. This location, hopefully, will be the ‘lifelong’ home of six developmentally disabled adults. Dr. Timo has gone door to door to contact neighbors and found mostly positive responses to his proposed purchase. An immediate neighbor of the home in question, is happy to have Dr. Timo’s residents as a neighbor and without exception, a motion was made to vote on writing a letter of affirmation to Dr. Timo on this sale.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.


 Port Jefferson Station-Terryville

Civic Association Minutes

January 25, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes of December 28, 2010 by Tema Brodsky. Motion to approve minutes by Tony Rottoli and seconded by Jack Grob. Minutes approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Antoniello

We have $2,302.69 in the treasury. After reimbursing Laurie Green for mailings

We have $2,265.04 in the treasury. This is an estimate because we have not received the January statement as of 1/25/11.

Committee Reports

Open Space and Parks Committee – Lou Antoniello - There was a new agreement written up by Mr. Keith Archer about the park by Pathmark. There were some parking issues but Mr. Lerner agreed to these issues. The Town is looking at the new agreement. Once the wording is approved by the Town, we could use the park property. However, no money has been allocated in this year’s budget for our park.

Beautification – Joan Nickeson: Nothing new to report about beautification at this time. She just mentioned that cut down Christmas Trees were left in the old Lincoln-/Mercury parking lot for some time. This trash has not been cleared and looks disgusting. The owner of this property is responsible for this property. He has been notified to clean it up or be fined.

Traffic and Transportation: Frank Gibbons: As of December 31, red light cameras have been installed at 50 intersections in Suffolk County. So make sure you abide by these lights if you don’t want to get a ticket.

Membership/Fundraising: Tema Brodsky and Ed Garboski: Nothing to report as of today.

Old Business

Hess Corporation Gas Station: A letter from the Hess Corporation has been listed on our website. This matter will be heard before the Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 2:00 pm with the public portion beginning at that time. Richard Ciotta, President of Sterling Woods Association will testify on their behalf. Frank Gibbons will be there to represent our civic association.

Greenway Trail – Charles McAteer and Kara Hahn: Update on progress. The first phase of the Greenway Trail has been completed. Special signal devices have been put in place for this trail. The trail is approximately 1 ½ miles long so far. It will be approximately

4 ½ miles long when completed. The path is 13 ft. wide. Five million dollars in funding was given Tim Bishop for this project. It was also funded by Steve Engelbright. Eventually, they will also build ball fields there and will have an open hearing for these fields. There has been a lot of community participation by the community on this trail. Hopefully, phase two will begin in 2012 and be completed by 2013.

Brochures were given out by Mr. McAteer and Ms. Hahn.showing the Greenway Trail.

Taco Bell Update and Vote: Keith Brown and Eric Meyn, Bohler Engineers for Taco Bell gave out pictures of the new proposed Taco Bell Restaurant. Their plans have been submitted to the Town of Brookhaven. The new picture was much better than the first one presented. Tema Brodsky made a motion to approve the Taco Bell. It was seconded by Charles McAteer. Motion approved unanimously.

McDonald’s Restaurant: Eric Meyn: He has had no response from the owner of the McDonald’s as to our request for certain changes to the original plan submitted to us. The new photo that they brought was not acceptable to our civic. They will let us know if they will make any changes as we requested at a future civic meeting.

Jim Tsunis’ General Contractor brought pictures of the kind of lights he plans to use on his proposed apartment project on Route 112. The lights were beautiful and the civic liked them very much.

New Business

Laurie Green mentioned that someone from the community e-mailed her with regard the Tilapia Fish Farm by the old Lawrence Aviation Property. The person proposing this project intends to hold a meeting with a film about fish farming. Members of the Civic should plan on attending if and when this meeting is scheduled.

Tony Rottoli: He brought up the fact that we need to have a town law governing cell tower placement in communities. Discussion ensued about this. We will form a committee to look into these issues.

Dave Madden: He said that we should invite local realtors to our civic meeting to bring us up-to-date on what is going on in the real estate in our community. Many in the audience agreed with this suggestion.

Kara Hahn: She suggested that we have a joint meeting with the Setaukets Civic Association and invite Mark Lesko or his representative and Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld to attend and discuss our community issues. Perhaps on the first Monday of the month.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 pm made by Tema Brodsky. Seconded by Lou Antoniello.

Adjourned 8:55pm 


 Port Jefferson Station/Terryville

Civic Association Minutes

December 28, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: 11/23/2010 Read by Tema Brodsky. Approved by Joan Nickeson and seconded by Kitty Schultz.

Treasurer’s Report: Lou Antoniello

We have $2,342.07 in the treasury. Approximately $90 of this amount will go for a Post Office Box. Tema Brodsky made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. Seconded by Charles McAteer.

Open Space and Parks Committee: Lou Antoniello. All is quiet on open space. More open space purchases will be made in 2011.

The park at the Pathmark Shopping Center is still in limbo. We think there is an agenda there by their lawyer Mr. Archer. Every time we give them a new contract agreement, he makes changes. We will invite these people back to a meeting again to see why this is happening.

We are in the process of re-designing our web-site. We want to sell advertising to local businesses to use this money for scholarships, etc. We would also like a brochure to advertise Port Jefferson Station in a great light and a great place to live.

Jack Smith: Cumsewogue Historical Society

The Cumsewogue Historical Society has been in existence for two years. Union Hall is being refurbished. Ramp for handicapped access is done and walls, ceiling, roof are being repaired. It is being restored to its original condition as much as possible. Hopefully by the spring the historical society will be able to hold its meetings there. The society also wants to use the Union Hall as a museum but must meet certain specifications to do this. They hosted their first Heritage Day in June at The Boyle road School. Dr. Rella gave the historical society banners from 8th grade classes between the years 1927 and the 1950’s.

The Cumsewogue Historical Society needs members. Try to join this great organization for only $10 a year. The next meeting is on January 19th at 7:30 pm at the Comsewogue Public Library.

Joan Nickeson – Beautification: Joan wrote a letter of appreciation to Uncle Giusseppes and is proposing to give them 6x8” plaque for the interior of their store for $18.00. Joan made a motion to give Uncle Giusseppes a plaque. Vote taken and all in favor of purchasing the plaque.

Correspondence: Dr. La Bianca, local author: He is asking the library to set aside a place in it for local authors.

Old Business

Woodcrest Property - We still need to know if there are any covenants on this property. The Planning Department responded to us saying that it was not definitive. Some of our members said that there were covenants on this property when they wanted to expand years ago. We are sending a letter with a check for $10 to The Suffolk County Clerk’s Office for find out if definitively if there are covenants on this property.

New Business

McDonald’s restaurant on Route 347. They are going to refurbish this restaurant which has not been upgraded since 1984. They brought pictures of the new design. We would like it to look like the restaurants in Port Jefferson and Mattituck if possible.

Taco Bell – The representatives of Taco Bell brought back new pictures of their changes to the Taco Bell. The colors on the building were made more muted. Both the McDonald’s and Taco Bell reps. will come back in January with new information on the revised design plans we asked of them.

Dave Madden – JFK Water Tower


JFK received a report about the radio frequencies on the water tower radio on their property. The readings were in accordance with the FCC guidelines. Mr. Madden felt that the readings were too low. Private readings by a member of our civic association were found to also be within FCC guidelines.

Jim Tsunis: Ramp Chevy Property, Route 112

He met with the Town of Brookhaven about the Ramp Chevy Property on Route 112. Jim asked us for a letter of acknowledgement that he was here at our meeting for his proposed development of this property. His is the first “Blight to Light” property proposal.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Tema Brodsky. Seconded by Dave Madden.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.





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Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776